Hi, I'm Amanda

Photographer + Seeker of Optimal Health + Wellness

For 20+ years, I’ve been a full-time portrait + wedding photography traveling here, there, and everywhere. As my creative business expanded so did my waistline and I turned to quick-fix, fad diets without lasting success. It was a constant battle of yo-yo dieting, broken promises of getting back to the gym “tomorrow”, binge eating on the weekend with the plans of hitting reset “Monday” morning, and putting the needs of everyone else first.

Can you relate?

In early 2020, my health +wellness would take priority not because I wanted it to, but because I had no other choice.

Now, I’ve began a quest for optimal health and shifting my health + wellness needs in the most amazing ways.

I created Photo Girl Gets Healthy as a way to share my stories and hopefully inspire you to seek optimal health instead of trying countless fad diets with little to no success.


Using CBD radically changed my life - helping me to keep my anxiety at bay, manage my emotional state as I navigated my recent health challenge, and soothe my achy muscles after a workout.

Though, I am picky!

If I won't buy sushi from a gas station, I won't buy my CBD from one either.

Joy Organics is my go-to without a doubt brand that I 100% stand behind. Learn how I use CBD in my daily life and why I chose to work with Joy Organics.


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