I am beyond excited to share that I am offering FREE WEEKLY Holistic Health Coaching direct to your inbox every Sunday!


Being fully transparent, I’m working through the kinks. The New Year, New You “newness” wore off weeks ago for me. Even with all of the best-designed intentions! I had to have a heart-to-heart with myself and hear my coach call me out slacking and decided to hit the ground running on February 1st

PhotoGirl Gets Healthy has always been deeply rooted in my personal health and wellness journey. Until I am consistent on the path to the best version of myself, I am not opening any paid coaching spots. This could be a month or an entire year, however, I want to bring you along as I coach myself.

I needed to find an anchor point or a motivator that would last longer than 28-days. I have decided on a project called “The Journey to 40!” I want to step into my 40’s (2/8/22) at my fullest potential in ALL areas of my life. This will not be easy, quick, or fun at times, but I know the end result will beyond worth it.

Each Sunday, I plan to send an email. Discussing what did or did not work, product or service reviews, chat about the books I am ready, new recipes, and workouts - Basically all things healthy living. Plus, I am writing a brand new coaching program that could be turned into an e-book or course in the future called "Becoming Radically Obsessed with Your Own Life"!

Here is where you come in, I would love to hear from you weekly. I want to celebrate your wins, help you through the struggles, and be a source of positivity in a world that can sometimes feel heavy and exhausting. You can hit reply to these weekly newsletters to update me on your progress and I PROMISE you’ll get a reply.