Regrettably, stress isn’t 100% avoidable. It would be unrealistic to think otherwise. Luckily, there are many things you can do to hang onto your sanity and enjoy the rest of your year!  

Mindfulness is the key to your success in having a healthy + happy holiday season. Instead of choosing one drastic end of the spectrum, finding balance in simple lifestyle shifts will keep you on track this season.  

Being mindful of your triggers is also a fantastic way to stay on top of things during this busy time. Constantly checking in with yourself, slowing down, enjoying your time, and not overdoing it are a few ways to keep your sanity this season.

Staying Sane, Healthy + Happy This Season:

  • Don’t forget your “you” time. Be sure to balance your social engagements this season with adequate time to nourish yourself.   

  • Practice self-care — it’s fun and totally necessary. In the hustle and bustle of everything going on, take care of yourself on a daily basis. What soothes you? A hot bath, a good book?   (CBD Bath Bombs would be ideal)

  • Squeeze some yoga in before those stressful events and feel the tension melt away. 

  • What is the meaning of this time of year for you? While it’s easy to get caught up in the planning, shopping and parties — connect with yourself and remember what deeply feeds you this season.

  • Nourish your insides. You know your body best — what do you need that you’re not giving it? Add lemon to your morning glass of water, enjoy a glass of green juice daily, whatever your body is asking for; give in and reap the benefits.  

  • Enjoy only your favorites! Instead of feeling tempted by each delicious looking treat, be mindful of your goal to treat yourself only to those that you truly enjoy and look forward to.

  • Tap in. When you feel hunger strike or it’s time for that family dinner, ask yourself what you’re actually hungry for. Listen to what your body is asking for, and provide it with the nutrients it needs.  

  • Get your creative juices flowing. Pick a craft you enjoy and make something decorative to enjoy this season.  

  • Jump in bed thirty minutes earlier than usual and read a great book. If it’s possible, do this for the rest of the season. You’ll really start to look forward to your relaxing time alone.   

  • What do you hope to accomplish in 2021? Go ahead and start brainstorming, because January is right around the corner. Don’t let it sneak up again!

What are three things you can make an effort to do this week to keep your sanity intact?