The holiday season tends to be a little more stressful, action-packed and tiring than the rest of the year, leaving energy levels low and the need for an extra boost of energy several times a day. Sugar and caffeine are characteristically the go-to’s for that all too familiar needed boost.  

If you’re being honest with yourself, what is your classic go-to when you’re feeling low on energy and need a pick me up?

Lack of energy is also a result of all the food we pack into this season. After all, we have waited patiently all year to have Grandma’s famous holiday treats. With a few tweaks and tips, it is very possible to get through this season in one piece. Actually, it’s very feasible to get through it healthy and happy, too!

Here are a few ways to combat those sugarplums dancing in your head:

  • Keep a snack bag full of raw nuts in your purse for when hunger strikes. They’re full of healthy nutrients to keep you satisfied, lowering the risk of being tempted to pop through a drive-thru window for a quick bite.
  • Expensive, but worth it, are the 100-calorie packs of nuts to keep you from over-indulging

  • Don’t be afraid to treat yourself. The “all or nothing” mindset can get you in big trouble this time of year. Make healthy choices, and don’t beat yourself up over a slice of pumpkin pie.  

  • Going out to a party? Bring your favorite healthy dish to add to the spread. In this case, you know there’s something you can munch on without regret.
  • Our recent "can't get enough of" and highly recommend crowd pleaser is Cheesy, Oozy Guacamole Bean Dip

  • Scope out your options before filling your plate. This helps avoid piling everything that looks good onto your plate, and assists you in making more mindful decisions instead.
  • As a new plant-based eater, it is still easy to over-indulge. I am mindful to fill half (or slightly more) of my plate with vegetables that are steamed (or raw) before adding a serving of the other fun side dishes (gluten free stuffing or mashed potatoes)

  • Sleep! Get adequate amounts of sleep to keep your energy at a healthy level.
  • Turn your devices on "do not disturb", 
  • Power down your wifi
  • Use earplugs and an eye mask if you are noticing poor sleep habits.
  • Reaching for the sleep aid isn't a healthy alternative and there are other natural ways to reclaim your sleep. Try the methods above first!

  • If you’ve already treated yourself and still have a sweet tooth, reach for the organic dark chocolate or another more healthy alternative.
  • I love Foursigmatic Cacao as a hot chocolate alternative and a great way to help you unwind and relax in the evening.

  • Make sure your daily water intake is keeping you hydrated. Staying hydrated will help combat stress, boost your immune system to fight those nasty germs off, and keep the cravings at bay.

  • Look up some healthy alternatives for your favorite comfort foods. This is the time of year when we tend to reach for those comfort foods more than usual — and now you can do so without guilt or regret!

  • Practice deep breathing. Take a deep breath, hold it for five seconds, and release. Do this several times a day to give yourself a natural boost of energy.  

  • Make sure you are starting your day with a healthy, hearty breakfast. Fueling yourself with healthy foods will keep your energy levels going throughout the day. 

What are three things you can make an effort to do this week to maintain healthy energy levels?  

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