From Paleo To Plants

If we did an MTV Cribs Tour of our home three years ago, our fridge would have been filled with meat and eggs. Today, when I open the fridge the shelves would look radically different. We’ve gone from being full on meat eaters to thriving on plants virtually overnight. (well, I have, the husband… he’s still transitioning to plant curious).

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year for many of us (collectively) as citizens of the world and has added twists and turns in the way of health challenges for me personally. This ride is no longer fun, in fact, get me off.

During my studies at IIN [Institute for Integrative Nutrition] plant based eating was introduced to me and I wanted no parts of it. I tried to go plant based for about a half hour. In October of 2017, I tried again, and failed. Fast forward to June 2020 with my health challenges causing debilitating symptoms, endless testing and doctor appointments I felt backed up against a wall.

As I shared my challenges with my good friend, health coach, and yogi, Paige Hinton, she encouraged me to try a plant based gluten free diet. Taking her advice I stocked up on veggies and bought a package of firm tofu. Standing in the kitchen with a package of tofu, a variety of veggies to chop, and a fully charged iPad I began watching Youtube videos.

Something bigger than me was working in my favor when a thumbnail appeared on the screen featuring a beautiful radiant woman on one side of the thumbnail and a photo of skeleton neck/spine with hot spots of pain - similar to the location of my pain. Watching the video as I sautéed veggies and crumbled tofu, I clung to every word she said. Every ache and pain she described was my ache and pain. She continued on to say that she had tried everything except for changing her diet (to plant based) and within 7 - 10 days her symptoms went away. By this point, I am crying as I am crumbling my tofu and more committed to change than ever before.

I’ll be transparent - I’m a skeptic and to think going plant based could have been the missing puzzle piece still blows my mind two months later. During a recent appointment with a neurologist last week I shared about my transition to a plant based lifestyle and within a 7 to 10 span the symptoms went away.

Truth is, I do not need to connect the dots anymore… all I know is the continual feeling of bobbing + swaying hasn’t come back in weeks, my energy level, mental clarity, and sleep has vastly improved. And, I finally feel like I am me again. If that is the power of plants, I am here for it!