I had no intention of reviving my health and wellness website, then again, 5 years ago, I didn’t plan on reviving my photography business, yet I have… 

Something happened in the middle of our Stay-At-Home orders (which are still in effect as of May 31 - with the movement to yellow on June 5th).  I began thinking of life, business, career, and all of the things I’ve wanted to do and needing a creative outlet. If this website never sees the light of day beyond a handful of family & friends, I’m okay with that as this fulfills my creative soul.

The memes about 2020 and wishing for a reset ring true for me on a level far deeper than COVID-19. And please do not think I am making light of those who are struggling from COVID as it’s an awful situation on all accounts.


In early January, I began feeling off - not sleeping well, my body ached, horrible bouts of dizziness, feeling light-headed, and even a continual feeling of bobbing and swaying became my “new normal”.


We had a trip to Miami (work trip, not business) in mid-January that I hoped would heal me, instead, I felt worse and upon returning home found myself going through a series of blood tests (to include Lyme), wearing a heart rate monitor, feeling extreme heaviness in my neck, ice pick headaches, and simply feeling defeated.


On the night of my 38th birthday (February 8th) while at an ice hockey game I turned to speak to Patrick and my neck cracked sending an electrical surge down the left side of my body not once, but twice.


Throughout the following week, any movements that required my chin to tip toward my chest would ignite the surge and it could be felt down my spine, across my low back, and into my legs. This sparked (ha!) a chain reaction of being an advocate for my health.

On February 17th, the sensation of bobbing and swaying took control of my body and I found myself slumping to the left in my office chair in tears. My parents babysat me for the majority of the day as I begged for answers. My doctor requested an ENT appointment which wouldn’t happen for another 5weeks and an ENG nerve test that would also take 4 weeks to schedule.


At the ENG appointment, I was received with a stack of forms, a co-pay, and walked out the door with a handshake. That’s the day, my advocacy for my health went to a whole new level. I was told I wasn’t symptomatic enough for the testing and to call back should the symptoms present.


Sharing my disappointment with my primary care doctor wasn’t enough and it was time to take matters into my own hands and by a string of luck was passed from this person to that person who led me to the most amazing Vestibular Therapist who is as strong-willed and a seeker of answers as I am.  She not only helped me through the initial testing for Vertigo, balance challenges but also put me on the path to a specialistic who I met with this past week. Let me clarify - initial testing was completed and my followup is mid-June.


All of this has led me to become a strong advocate for my health, listening to my body, uncovering the triggers, and speaking up when the answers aren’t being provided. I’m not a doctor's kind of gal except for seeing my chiropractor on a monthly or as-needed basis so to be seeking help and not feeling like I was being heard was a hard thing to swallow.

Plus, my medical charts are flagged with the word “anxiety” and I believe in my heart and soul that is also why I have to rally for my voice to be heard.


As woo-hoo and new age as it might be to hear “listen to your body”, “identify the triggers”, or “lean into self-care, self-love”. I know understand those phrases and have a much deeper appreciation.


Patrick now calls my file folder of test results, MRI and MRA scans, plus 6+page document outlining my symptoms, triggers, and finding “Roadhouse” (if you know, you know) as I now hand an up-to-date copy over at my appointments to eliminate the remark of “slow down, did I get this right?”.

Hopefully this posts sheds a little light on why Photo Girl Gets Healthy has been revised for version 2.0. I know that I am not the only one who feels unheard or unseen with her health, wellness, and sometimes within a business. Hopefully, my journey can help someone else who is struggling not to feel so alone. 

Photos of my MRI scans and a photo of me following my video call with my doctor to learn that my MRI scans came back all clear!