Waking up Sunday morning, I am found myself with a large, goofy smile on my face. This past Saturday, I photographed the final wedding and event of my career. I woke up at 1:00 am reliving the wedding when post-wedding-day anxiety set in. This is something that I had grown used to over the years. With wedding and events have been far and few between in recent years, the flutters hit hard.

As I downloaded (and backed up) the SD cards - I went back to the beginning. Recounting my initial years in the industry full of zest for wedding weekends, thriving in the organized chaos, and the excitement for editing the images. 10 - 12 hr wedding days were piggy-backed with hours of editing, proofing, uploading, album design, and product delivery. Back then it was addicting, exciting, and a bit of a competition among my peers.

The last four weddings I had photographed were at the request of close friends, siblings of former clients, or stepping in when a photographer bailed on the couple mere weeks before their wedding. All of which were beautiful events and still an honor to be asked to capture.

Leading into this final wedding, I knew it would be my last. My second photographer (my Pop) and I had always said that when it wasn't fun anymore we'd be done. It's not that weddings aren't fun, it's that our lives have dramatically changed. My parents are now both retired from their careers and travel. P and I try to spend as much time camping as we can and with our current work schedule - weekends + camping + weddings don't really work for us.

So, if I am leaving the wedding and event industry what does that mean for photography + me? I have been sitting on a personal project for 5+ years that has claimed residency in my mind. A project that I need to explore to find a bit of inner creative peace. I am also limiting the private portrait commission work that I will be accepting. Needless to say, a lot is changing and I couldn't be more excited.

AND, this means I can spend more time building PGGH (PhotoGirl Gets Healthy) into the vision I have for this blog rather than daydream about it constantly.

Official Photographer Starter Pack - 50mm f1.2 lens, a handful of SD cards, and a box of Uncrustables - Personally, I'm a grape jelly kinda gal