This post is not sponsored in any way, in fact, the Purple Carrot Meal Deliveries were gifted to me by a friend for my birthday.


Our experience with Purple Carrot has been great overall. We had a small weather glitch with our first box, but a snowstorm tends to mess things up a bit. Our box was delayed by a day and the produce and products arrived in great condition.

  • An easy-to-use website pre-selects 3 dinner options for you. An additional 4 meals can be swapped and selected from.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and snack options can be added for an a la carte fee.
  • Our plan includes a serving size of 2 with 3 meals per week.
  • To date, we have received 3 weeks of meals skipping I believe 4 weeks of meals since starting due to our schedule or lack of interest in the menu for the week.
  • The cost per week with shipping is $78.

The box arrives with a cold pack on the bottom and well insulated to keep each of the meals cold.


The menu has been exciting for two self-proclaimed foodies like me and my husband. The diversity in the menu has forced us to explore different flavors, spices, and methods for transforming veggies into a gourmet weeknight meal. When looking at the weekly menu, I challenge myself to select dishes that I wouldn't make on my own or incorporate an ingredient that I've never used before.

I try to avoid the heavier gluten-focused dishes (specifically pasta, as that tends to trigger my gluten sensitivity).

Our favorites have been:

  • Cauliflower Shawarma Flatbreads
  • Vegan "Chicken" and Dumplings
  • Thai Basil Soup
  • Sweet Corn Stuffed Poblano Peppers

WILL WE CONTINUE TO ORDER from purple carrot?

With one week left on our gift card, I do not think we will order on a weekly basis. Overall, I have loved the meals and pushing our taste buds to new levels, but the biggest hold back for me has more to do with the delivery date than anything else.

Purple Carrot meals arrive on Monday (no option to change) - which is great for the busy workweek, but I'd actually prefer these meals for the weekend when we are more tempted to order out and most likely spend $75 - 80 on takeout meals between Thursday - Sunday (depending on our week).

Another way to we'd love to utilize Purple Carrot, but again, the delivery date is a problem is for weekend camping/traveling.


Anyone who is looking to transition into a plant-based diet or simply mix up their boring meal plan for a month.

If I lived alone or only had to cook for myself, Purple Carrot could become a staple for me.