Run It Through The Garden Wraps

Open your fridge and sautee, roast, or grill your favorite veggies. Allow the veggies to cool for a few minutes or serve cold on your choice of wrap.

Spread a layer of hummus, pesto, vegan thousand island, or any spread/dressing of choice.

Wrap and Enjoy.

The perfect road trip, kayak, camping trip, or lunchbox wrap.

Run It Through The Garden Breakfast Potato Bowl

Transitioning to plant-based slightly took the wind from my sails when it came to our standing Friday morning breakfast at a local diner. Trading my cream-chipped beef for potatoes and veggies wasn't something I was quite ready to give up. In the name of health, I came up with a solution that has become a weekly staple at home as well.

When ordering, I ask for a plate of homefries and to "run it through the garden". Loading the plate with whichever veggies they have on hand - most weeks the plate is filled with tomatoes, onion, peppers, mushrooms, and spinach.

Making this bowl at home has been a lifesaver for days I need to be out of the house quickly. I roast or air-fry big batches of potatoes twice a week and water sautee veggies to go into salads, bowls, or wraps.

This is a great way to use vegetables that might be close to their expiration date and ensure you are eating enough fiber!

Don't forget, you can top your bowl with salsa, dairy-free nacho cheese, avocado, or even bbq sauce.