Throughout the years my creative approach has evolved from casual conversations into creating specific vision boards that echo ideas within the pages of my journal. Once I have outlined my "vision" those items are translated into a power list of actions to take daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the goal in order for it to become a reality.

After years of resisting the idea of working with coaches or mentors, I have worked with several over the years to include; a photography mentor + business coach, a wellness coach who jumpstarted my weight loss and health journey, and most recently a holistic health coach to help me tackle the transition to plant-based eating + living.

Everything I had been resisting in the world of personal development was exactly what I needed to level up to the next phase of my business + life. Each coach (or mentor) has challenged me to grow beyond the limits I've placed on myself. And in order to do so, immense clarity is needed. The clarity comes in the form of journaling, meditating, and working out. Once those three things are consistent in my daily life, the channels of clarity flow rapidly and powerfully toward me.

I've found that inspiration is easy to find, it is the motivation and action that tends to be the weak link for many. We love losing ourselves in the dream and vision letting the follow-through be our downside. Creating and designing a vision board from an intention/declaration list is far more concrete and powerful than a list of wishes and whimsical dreams.

For years, my vision boards have been filled with fluff - material items, motivational quotes, and things I didn't really want. Many of the things I didn't want were simply added to take up space (physical and mental). This past August, I decided to become very intentional in the design of my fall and early 2021 vision board following these steps.


  1. Over an iced coffee, I said down with several blank pages in my bullet journal. With pen in hand, I wrote an unfiltered brain dump of the ideas, goals, visions, intentions, and thoughts for both my personal and professional life. After all, these two areas of my life intersect without choice. I did not filter myself - letting the thoughts flow from my mind and onto the pages. This took about 20-minutes before I could sense that what I was thinking about and writing down were no longer serious intentions and more page filler thoughts.
  2. After the lists were made, I re-read each item with a critical mind, elaborating on an idea or striking it out completely. All said and done, 14 intentions/declarations/ideas remained that needed to be further evolved.
  3. Opening a blank google document, each of the 14 items was re-written to start with "I declare I will..."
  4. Reading through the document, I took mental and emotional inventory of these intentions & declarations, if something felt "off" I took time to explore why and if I needed to elaborate or strike from the list.
  5. Following the creation of this intention/declaration list, my vision board was created. The representation of the visual items on this page are few, well thought out, and incredibly intentional. Not included are slogans, motivational quotes, purses, or photos of tropical paradise.
  6. To bring this together, I printed the following:
  7. my list of intentions,
  8. a powerful quote I live by
  9. a visual representation of my intentions/declarations

Bonus: Turn these visuals into your screensaver or desktop picture, your phone or tablet lock screen, or print a smaller version to claim residency in your journal.

My vision board resides on a wall in my office that I look at every day when journaling, editing, or blogging. At any given moment, I can be reminded of the goals and intentions of what I carefully selected for myself. Setting these intentions has been an anchor point for me when making decisions that affect me personally and professionally.

Rather than feeling as if my decisions are coming from an emotional place, I am making decisions based on the intentions and vision I had created. Of course, these aren't hard lines drawn in the sand and will evolve or be removed from the list, but at the very least I have a baseline to work from.

Should the idea of making a vision board or a list of intentions or declarations feel a little too woo-woo for you, give it a try. Remember, you've been making these vision boards and intention lists throughout your life without knowing it. We make these lists when it comes to choosing a career path, home remodeling projects, and even road trips. Why not give it a try for the upcoming new year. And don't forget, your vision board while printed and pretty is fluid, you are welcome to re-visit and adjust your intentions at any time.